Like most people I don’t like having to deal with call centers. But last week the lightening took out my modem and I had to get a new one. My internet provider has a call center. My problem could not be handled by my local store unless they received a order from the call center. So, I did my duty. I called. I waited. Finally someone answered.  The short of it is that two different calls with long waits and a trip to my local store later the problem was still not solved.

I was back on the phone again. In spite of the fact that I press one for English I rarely get someone who speaks English. On this day I got a bright, cheerful young woman. She had a pretty thick Indian accent. She told me her name was “Sunshine.” I doubt her name was really Sunshine. I have had several friends who came here from another country. Many of them realize some of us Americans can not pronounce their names so they come up with an American name. It is a shame really, because when I have learned their real names they often have such beauty and meaning. Some choose names like Elizabeth or Emmanuel or Samuel. But some, who I think, do not have much faith in American ability, choose names like “Bo” or “Bob” or “Sue.” Because surely we can pronounce that!

But her name was Sunshine. And she was Sunshine. She was Sunshine to my frustrated attitude. She was Sunshine to my problem because she listened and had it taken care of within a few hours! I don’t know how she came about choosing that name, but it was perfect. After taking care of my online issues I told her how much I appreciated her competence and her attitude. I thanked her very much. Then she welcomed me very much.

Today as I think about it, I am grateful for Sunshine. I wish her well. I hope that I can be a little Sunshine to someone today. If these few paragraphs have been a little sunshine for you, well then, you are welcome very much!